We partner with management teams. Capable and motivated management is critical to our investment formula. We create significant financial incentives to align our interests with management and then work collaboratively with them to build value in the business. We are also able to tap our extensive network of operational managers and advisors when there is a need to augment management teams.

We have experience building businesses. Our principals have significant experience working with management teams to build business success stories across a range of industries and transaction types. Our returns are driven much more by helping businesses improve than by financial engineering. While we rely on management to run businesses, we often find that our experience and access to expert resources helps accelerate and support the strategic and operational change process. We do use financial leverage to amplify returns to investors and management equity holders, but only to the extent we and management believe is prudent.

We seek out complexity. As investors, we are particularly drawn to businesses which are constrained for some reason from realizing their full potential. We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to address these opportunities, which are often difficult to analyze and require substantial time and resources. We have experience in dealing with change-intensive business situations and many of our most rewarding investments have been companies deeply mired in complexity when we first invested. With an extended investment horizon, ACP is uniquely equipped to facilitate these types of investments.

We are flexible. We have freedom to tailor structures to fit the needs of each situation. We use that flexibility to provide creative, customized solutions to address the capital needs of complicated transactions. Our investments are structured to facilitate objectives across many constituents, including sellers, on-going owners, co-investors and management teams.

We value relationships. We place a premium on honesty, respect, and thoughtfulness in all of our interactions. We promise quick, straightforward feedback to opportunities. In every transaction, we seek to forge lasting, career-long relationships with our management partners and other co-investors.